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If you like to participate in games, riddles, quizzes, and discussions, then you need to row across to Interactive Island! Don't just sit quietly under the willow tree and fall asleep — come and join us around the camp fire and get involved in our quizzes and discussions.

Enid Blyton Forums

Our feature-rich forums are very popular and full of interesting discussions. We would love to continue building our online community of Blyton enthusiasts, so if you haven't registered already, please do so and get talking!

Monthly Quiz

Have you tried your luck at the monthly quiz yet? Test your knowledge of Enid Blyton and her books with 30 devlishly difficult questions. If you're really good you'll get your name into the Hall of Fame!

Character Quiz

A quick quiz designed by Anita Bensoussane and her daughter Hannah. Take this character quiz to find out which Enid Blyton character you are! Simply read each question and click on an answer. Who knows — you might be in for a surprise!