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Enid Blyton Quiz for February

Think you know a lot about Enid Blyton? Let's see! This quiz contains 30 multiple choice questions. You can take as long as you need to answer the questions, but your final Score Chart rating will be based on a combination of correct answers and fastest times.

Ready to get started? First enter your name for the score chart:

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Hall of Fame - The Top 3 from Each Month in 2018...

1. Mr Lenoir Score: 25 Time: 00:58 Rating: 2442
2. Aparna Score: 26 Time: 02:39 Rating: 2441
3. georgina Score: 25 Time: 03:53 Rating: 2267
February (so far...)
1. Basim Score: 29 Time: 01:26 Rating: 2814
2. TF Carthick Score: 27 Time: 01:49 Rating: 2591
3. Aparna Score: 27 Time: 02:50 Rating: 2530

Tips on how to get into the Top 3...

  • Don't miss a month! It's important to have a go at the quiz each month if you want to score high at the end of the year. To miss a month can mean the difference of a LOT of points!
  • Keep the same username! Using a different username (even one with just a slight difference) will affect your score. For instance, elly's mum and ellys mum splits her overall score in two.

And now, the overall yearly winners...

Results Not Stored2007 OVERALL WINNERS
Full Year's Results2008 OVERALL WINNERS
1. Anita (32778)2. Kate Mary (29714)3. Lisa (29530)
Full Year's Results2009 OVERALL WINNERS
1. lisa (28081)2. Eddie Muir (27979)3. Kate Mary (25791)
Full Year's Results2010 OVERALL WINNERS
1. ellys mum (24577)2. Gran (23728)3. Mr Lenoir (23526)
Full Year's Results2011 OVERALL WINNERS
1. shadow (24553)2. Mr Lenoir (24121)3. Gran (24094)
Full Year's Results2012 OVERALL WINNERS
1. Mr Lenoir (26504)2. Anjalli (24239)3. Fiona1986 (24035)
Full Year's Results2013 OVERALL WINNERS
1. Sir Terence (28542)2. Mr Lenoir (26951)3. Gran/Daisy (25976)
Full Year's Results2014 OVERALL WINNERS
1. Gran/Daisy (27717)2. Mr Lenoir (26587)3. Katharine (24802)
Full Year's Results2015 OVERALL WINNERS
1. Gran/Daisy (31686)2. Mr Lenoir (28241)3. Mehul (26017)
Full Year's Results2016 OVERALL WINNERS
1. Gran/Daisy (28422)2. Mr Lenoir (27526)3. LauraMcC (25256)
Full Year's Results2017 OVERALL WINNERS
1. Gran/Daisy (30885)2. Mr Lenoir (28328)3. LauraMcC (25831)
1. Aparna (4971)2. Mr Lenoir (4759)3. Basim (4558)

Contestants' annual totals include ALL totals whether or not they show in the top 3 monthly chart.