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We have done our best to answer any questions about Enid Blyton and her work. Before you contact us, we urge you to browse this website as many answers can be found on these pages. For instance:

  • See A Biography of Enid Blyton for answers to most frequently asked questions.
  • For details about her writing methods, Enid the Writer provides an insight into the mind of the author and how she went about writing her stories.
  • Check the Chronology page for a year-by-year summary of some of the most important events in Enid Blyton's life.
  • Visit the Cave of Books for a complete list of all Enid Blyton's books, magazines, short stories, plays, poems and more.
  • Learn about the Enid Blyton Day, an event that is held once a year and brings together fans from across the world.
  • Alternatively, visit our Online Forums to ask general Enid Blyton related questions, as our members are extremely knowledgeable and willing to help.

If you would like to join the Society, go to our Subscribe page for details.

If you have any questions that are still unanswered, by all means post them on the Message Board on the Home Page. Alternatively if you have any questions about the Society or possess a book that you have been unable to find in our Book Cave, just email us at We are always pleased to hear about any interesting discoveries.

Note that we do not offer a valuation service, so please do not enquire as to the worth of any items you may have. As much as we would like to assist, unfortunately we at the Society have far too little time and manpower to deal with queries of this nature.