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Want to know more about Enid Blyton? Look no further! We have a chronology of her life, a biography, facts and trivia about her writing career, and a list of books and websites about the author that you might enjoy.

A Biography of Enid Blyton—The Story of Her Life
Fan and collector Anita Bensoussane compiled this wonderfully easy-to-read checklist of facts about the author's life, family and home. Look here if you want to know about Enid's parents, her school, books she read as a child and games she played, her years as a teacher, her many pets, places she lived, marriage and divorce—oh, and writing!

Enid the Writer
Where did Enid get all her ideas from? This article by Anita Bensoussane provides some valuable insight into her writing methods. How did she become a writer? How did she write her books? Did she plan her books in advance or make them up as she went along? And which characters were based on real people? Nearly forty years after her death, the author of The Famous Five and Noddy still rules the hearts of millions of children!

A chronology of the life of Enid Blyton, starting in 1870 when her father was born and continuing almost to present day. Here you'll find details of all the major events in Enid's life and career, including some of her most significant publication dates. It's particularly interesting how Enid's career seems to have continued well after her death in 1968!

Further Reading
This section lists the various books that have been written about Enid Blyton's life and work. It has been divided into two sections, the first dealing with Enid's life and work, and the second listing various reference books. Many of these books are now out of print.

Monthly Enid Blyton
Here you'll find carefully selected snippets of Enid's work themed to suit the months of the year. This page changes automatically at the start of each month, so you can experience snatches of Enid's writing with a seasonal flavour, including wintery December, rainy April, sunny June, and blustery November.

Lashings of Links
A listing of some of the most interesting and informative Enid Blyton websites out there. While not exhaustive by any means, this list does contain some of the most popular sites that contain reviews, resources, bibliographies, biographies, and much more.