The Enid Blyton Society

Lashings of Links

Fan Sites

    Lashings of information about the children's author, including book reviews and articles for some of the most popular series, bookcover scans through the years, a section on Blyton bloopers, hundreds of messages from site visitors, and information on where to buy Enid Blyton books old and new.
  • Heather's Blyton Pages
    Started by Blyton fan Heather to bring together Enid Blyton material found on the Web, this great site includes a comprehensive collection of Blyton-related links, plus a detailed section on Blyton illustrators. Also included on the site are photos, The Treasure Cave (full of interesting Blyton memorabilia), and A Spot of Fun, where fans offer their "pomes" and short stories.
  • Serge's Passions: Enid Blyton
    The pages of French enthusiast, Serge Sohier, full of things to do, wonderfully colourful and brimming with enthusiasm for the books. In French, but with some English content.
  • Mistério Juvenil / Enid Blyton
    An excellent Portuguese Enid Blyton site, very nicely designed with some content in English.
  • Michael Edwards' Enid Blyton Page
    Personal page of enthusiast Michael Edwards; an interesting site including reviews of some of the books.
  • Five Have Adventures Abroad
    A site devoted to Blyton continuation novels by authors like Claude Voilier and Evelyne Lallemand. It also contains some related translation work by the site owner, Rowan Morrell, who is a Society Member.
  • Series Book Art – Internal Illustrations
    A site showing many internal illustrations from Enid Blyton Armada books run by Society Member, Ian Regan.
  • Famous Five Fan Page
    A German Famous Five site with quite a few pages in English, and plenty of illustrations from the two TV series.
  • Nederlandse Enid Blyton
    A Dutch Enid Blyton site with no English, but plenty of illustrations of Dutch editions run by a Society Member.
  • Enid Blyton en español
    A Spanish Enid Blyton site with nothing in English, but run by a Society Member.

Book Dealers - New

  • Navrang
    Offers a selection of brand new Enid Blyton paperbacks at unbeatable prices, available individually or as complete sets. Shipped worldwide from British publishers in India at a low flat-rate cost for ANY size order.

Book Dealers - Secondhand

  • David Schutte
    David issues regular printed catalogues by post and also attends frequent Book Fairs. The website includes an online catalogue.
  • Sue Bell: Green Meadow Books
    Sue issues regular catalogues by post and also has a large well-stocked book room which can be visited by appointment.
  • Stella & Rose's Books
    As well as a good selection of books online, they have two shops, Stella Books in Tintern and Rose's in Hay-on-Wye.
  • Sarah Key Books: The Haunted Bookshop
    Sarah runs The Haunted Bookshop in Cambridge and also attends a number of PBFA Book Fairs.
  • Peakirk Books
    Heather and Jeff used to have a bookshop, but have now moved to Fakenham in Norfolk where they sell through their website. They also attend Book Fairs.
    If you have been through all our Enid Blyton Day dealers and still can't find the book you want, here is a website that always has thousands of Enid Blyton books for sale.
  • March House Books
    An attractive website specialising in children's books, with a good selection of Blyton books available. Run by Barbara who is a Blyton collector and who also attends PBFA Book Fairs.

Other Blyton-related Sites

  • Enid Blyton - Official Website
    The website of the official copyright holders of all Enid Blyton's work apart from Noddy.
  • Ginger Pop
    The Ginger Pop Shop in Corfe and Eileen Soper's Illustrated Worlds in Poole are both run by Society Member Viv Endecott and both venues stock a good amount of Blyton merchandise.
  • Yahoo! Groups: Blyton
    A friendly, Enid Blyton discussion group involving fans from around the world, but you need to join the group before you can read any of the messages.
  • BBC Archives: Radio and TV
    This site has a number of radio programmes and one TV programme about Enid Blyton that can be accessed online.
  • BBC Archives: Blyton Letters
    Another BBC archive which has letters between Enid Blyton and the BBC on it.
  • Google News: Enid Blyton
    Easy access to all the latest online press stories about Enid Blyton and her work.
  • The Internet Movie Database: Enid Blyton
    A record of English and foreign language films and TV programmes that have been made from Enid Blyton's work.
  • Old Thatch
    Jackie Hawthorne's website of one of Enid Blyton's homes, giving details of opening and also showing pictures of the house and garden.
  • Blyton Books
    Although this website is run by one of the book dealers listed above, it does also have some articles on Enid Blyton on it.
    This site has the initial screening dates of the 1978 TV series.
  • Seven Stories' Enid Blyton Blog
    Seven Stories recently bought a number of items at the Ilkley auction of Gillian Baverstock's archive and in this Blog they will give progress reports as they build up their own Blyton Archive.
  • Carey Blyton
    Carey Blyton is a composer, writer and nonsense poet (and nephew of Enid). Carey is perhaps best known as the creator of the accidental children's hit Bananas in Pyjamas, but he was an accomplished musician and a man of many talents – not to mention an all-pervading sense of humour. Explore this site to find out all about Carey's multifaceted life and work.