The Enid Blyton Society

Society Shed

Welcome to our secret club! The Enid Blyton Society was formed in 1995 when Tony Summerfield, Norman Wright and Michael Rouse got together after the success of several Enid Blyton Days. Inititially called The Enid Blyton Literary Society, so as not to be confused with The Enid Blyton Collectors' Society run by Richard Walker, the "Literary" was dropped from the title when the Collectors' Society closed in 1998.

Michael Rouse left shortly after the formation of the Society to concentrate on his project, Green Hedges Magazine, an Enid Blyton fanzine which ran for many successful years until its closure in 2002.

The first Journal

The call for material for the first Enid Blyton Society Journal met with an amazing response, and in 1996 a 32-page magazine was issued. Years later, the Journal has flourished, now with full colour covers and sixty pages per issue becoming the norm.

See more about The Enid Blyton Society Journal and how can you can receive your own copies three times a year.

Just as the Journal has flourished, so the Day is still going strong, with over a hundred in attendance at each event. Speakers at the Day have included Sir Tim Rice and his daughter Eva, Gyles Brandreth, Mary Cadogan, Sheila Ray, David Rudd, and Anne Digby.

Gillian Baverstock, Barbara Stoney and Imogen Smallwood

Among those who have regularly attended the event are Enid Blyton's daughters, Gillian Baverstock and Imogen Smallwood, and official biographer, Barbara Stoney, all of whom became official Patrons to the Society in 2003. Sadly, Gillian is no longer with us; she passed away in 2007.

In 2002, the Society launched its own website, which in December 2004 underwent a complete overhaul with the addition of many new features and a members only section.