The Enid Blyton Society

Fireside Journal

Curl up by the fire with a glass of lemonade and a plate of macaroons and read the Society's very own magazine, printed exclusively for members. The Enid Blyton Society Journal, published three times a year, is a quality magazine offering a wide mix of articles and features on all aspects of Enid Blyton's life and work, written by enthusiasts, collectors and authorities.

Current JournalJournal No. 64

Advice on collecting, comprehensive studies of the various series she wrote, the latest news and reviews, snippets of information and articles on aspects of her life: this makes up just a small part of what has become a colossal magazine.

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Journal No. 9 was the first to have a full-colour cover, specially illustrated by the Noddy artist Robert Tyndall to mark Noddy's 50th birthday. Every issue since has come with a splendid colour cover, and recently all the issues preceding Journal No. 9 were reprinted with colour covers.

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Barbara Stoney, author of Enid Blyton: The Biography, is a regular contributor to the magazine, and issues have also included articles by both Enid Blyton's daughters, Gillian and Imogen; author of The Blyton Phenomenon, Sheila Ray; the celebrated author Anne Digby; Gary Russell from the 1970s Famous Five television series; and Jemima Rooper and Laura Petela from the 1990s television series.