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Character Quiz

Which Enid Blyton Character Are You?

A quick quiz designed by Anita Bensoussane and her daughter Hannah. Take this fun quiz to find out which Enid Blyton character you are! Simply read each question and click on an answer. Who knows — you might be in for a surprise!

1. You own an enchanted table. When you rap on it three times, food or drink of your choice will appear on it by magic. What do you wish for?

Treacle pudding
A piping hot pie
A slab of chocolate
A cup of cocoa
Anchovy toast
A slice of fruit cake
Egg sandwiches
Strawberries and cream
A decaf soya low foam mocha chino with no cream

2. Which land would you like to visit at the top of the Faraway Tree?

The Land of Luscious Lipsticks
The Land of Candyfloss Clouds
The Land of Perplexing Puzzles
The Land of Golden Slumbers
The Land of Laughter
The Land of Whispering Moons
The Land of Jump-Right-In
The Land of Myths and Monsters
The Land of the Wise Wizard
The Land of Pies and Puddings
The Land of the Unexplained
The Land of Twists and Turns

3. How would you prefer to spend a Saturday afternoon?

Having your say at a Debating Society
Collecting shells on the beach
Exploring caves and underground passages
Holed up in your den, writing stories or poetry
Reading the newspaper out in the garden providing you can work out how to put up the deckchair!
Visiting a gallery or museum with a close friend
Shopping for the latest fashions
Attending a class in drama, music or dance
Going for a countryside ramble and picnic with a bunch of friends
Taking part in an archaeological dig
Going round to a friend's house for tea and a good old chinwag

4. Choose one of the following watery worlds:

A duck pond
A deep and mysterious lagoon
A nice hot bath
A sea or ocean dotted with uninhabited islands
An ice-cold, bubbling spring
A woodland pool
A meandering river
A ferocious whirlpool
A swimming-pool
A Jacuzzi
Sunken Roman baths
A beaker of H2O

5. It is the beginning of a new term at boarding-school and you want to bring something for your study or common-room. What do you choose?

A chemistry set
A ship in a bottle
Candles in decorative candlesticks
A pile of board games
A cuckoo clock
A china teapot
A gramophone
An inspirational picture or poem in a frame, to hang on the wall
A telescope
A selection of tricks and jokes
Cushions embroidered with attractive designs
An ornate mirror studded with diamonds

6. You have been shipwrecked alone on a remote island. What is your first reaction?

You head for some shady trees immediately, worried that you might get freckles.
Sheer panic. You force yourself to take long, deep breaths to calm down, before starting to explore the island with great trepidation.
You begin gathering wood immediately to make a fire to signal for help.
Hurrah! You've always dreamed of facing a challenge like this. You can't wait to put your survival skills to the test!
You build a shelter and feel very proud of it until it collapses on you in the middle of the night!
You set a trap to catch a bird or animal for your supper.
You feast on some blackberries which you've spotted growing on a nearby bramble bush. They will quench your thirst while you think what to do next.
You stamp your foot in a rage and shout, "Why me?!"
You say to yourself, "What would Robinson Crusoe have done?"
You think, "Well I never! I must be dreaming!"
You look forward to long peaceful evenings by the campfire, gazing at the stars.
You think, "Goodness me what interesting fauna and flora!"

7. Which bird or animal appeals to you most?

A monkey
A penguin
A fox
A cat
A squirrel
A tiger
A seagull
An owl
A robin
A phoenix
A dormouse
A peacock

8. Where would you prefer to live?

A tall, ivy-covered tower
A thatched cottage
A tree-house
A town house
An old mansion
A caravan
A rambling farmhouse
A half-ruined house on the cliffs
A lighthouse
A city apartment
A cave

9. At midnight, you look out of your bedroom window and see a light flashing from the tower of a ruined castle. What do you do?

Slip out to investigate, taking a torch and a length of rope with you.
Shiver with fear and hide beneath your bedclothes.
Jot down the date and time, and the number and sequence of the flashes, in your notebook.
Feel thrilled, wondering if it might be smugglers.
Convince yourself that you are just imagining things, and go back to sleep.
Try to work out what the flashes mean they could be some sort of secret code.
Chuckle to yourself. It was you who arranged for a friend to flash the light in order to play a trick on someone, and everything seems to be going according to plan.
Shudder and draw the curtains - that place is haunted as sure as eggs are eggs!
Go back to bed. You only got up to open the window, and nothing short of an earthquake will persuade you to sacrifice another minute of your beauty sleep.
Race outside at once, scale the walls of the castle in a trice and peep through one of the slit windows to see what is going on.
Telephone the police and report what you have seen.
Think nothing of it. If someone wants to flash a light from a tower late at night, then let them. It's no concern of yours.

10. Which Enid Blyton book would you like to read?

The Enchanted Wood
The Secret Island
The Naughtiest Girl in the School
Bimbo and Topsy
You'd rather read a "Mills & Boon."
The Family at Red-Roofs
Mr. Meddle's Muddles
The Boy Next Door
Naughty Amelia Jane!
Round the Year With Enid Blyton
A Book of Naughty Children
Enid Blyton's Book of the Year

Have you checked your answers carefully? All right then...