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Character Books

Books are included in this section when the entire book is about one character (or set of characters) but the book cannot be considered a novel or novelette. This section contains 274 character books that can be broken down into three distinct types as follows.

These are books in picture strip format, with the story being told under each strip. Most, though not all, are hardbacks with one continuous story.
Although the back covers of each book list six titles, only four books were actually published. They are vertical format strip books about the exploits of John Jolly and his Family.
Family (4 books)
Josie, Click and Bun are respectively a doll, a mouse and a rabbit who graced the centre pages of Sunny Stories in picture strip form for many years.
Fantasy (5 books)
These are the simplest books aimed at the Noddy loving child and just contain a picture on each boarded page with a simple caption beneath.
Fantasy (11 books)
A series of shaped boxes which each contain five or six tiny books, which reproduce Noddy stories originally serialised in the Evening Standard.
Fantasy (37 books)
These are larger annual sized books which each contain two or three stories about Noddy and his Toyland friends in a strip format.
Fantasy (7 books)
These are books for the very young Noddy enthusiasts which are just pictures with simple captions, rather than a proper story.
Fantasy (4 books)
More centre page Sunny Stories stars - Bumpy, Dame Slap, Mr. Tumpy and the Faraway Tree Folk as well as The Troublesome Three from the Evening Standard.
Fantasy (5 books)
These contain either a number of unrelated short stories about the same character or, in some instances, just the one short story, which is less than 60 pages in length. Further details of the contents can be found under individual listings.
Amelia Jane is a naughty rag doll, based on a doll owned by Enid's daughter Gillian. She creates havoc in the nursery doing all the things that a young child would love to do.
Fantasy (4 books)
A pair of unusual books combining photographs of models and line drawings. The two stories are about a little girl called Jane, who had two dolls, Belinda and Tod.
Family (2 books)
Books in a variety of formats and sizes about Brer Rabbit and his friends, a character originating from the pen of Joel Chandler Harris. Several different illustrators contributed.
Fantasy (8 books)
Enid wrote more stories about Brer Rabbit than any other character and the 8 books in this uniform series were all illustrated by Grace Lodge.
Fantasy (8 books)
This book has all of the 8 short stories about the Famous Five, which originally appeared in Enid Blyton's Magazine Annuals, Princess Gift Books and Comic and a Weeties strip book.
Mystery/Adventure (1 books)
Mystery/Adventure (8 books)
Fantasy (10 books)
Fantasy (12 books)
A series of small card-covered books telling four of the original Mary Mouse stories with attractive coloured illustrations by Lynn N. Grundy on every page.
Fantasy (4 books)
Another series of small card-covered books using short stories of the twins, Jonny and Jinny, taken from various earlier Brockhampton Press books.
Family (4 books)
Two beautifully illustrated books about a younger Janet and Peter from the Secret Seven. The second book actually saw the formation of the Secret Seven - and the rest is history!
Family (2 books)
This is a manufactured series, using nine previously published short stories and changing the names of the main characters to John and Mary.
Family (9 books)
Mister Meddle is a pixie who is always sticking his nose into other people's business, resulting in comical situations. His strict Aunt Jemima tries to keep him in line.
Fantasy (3 books)
Mr. Pink-Whistle is a busy little man who hates anything unfair or unkind and goes about righting wrongs, together with his pet cat Sooty. A sort of Enid Blyton 'Batman'!
Fantasy (3 books)
The bespectacled Mr. Twiddle suffers many a misfortune due to his absent-mindedness, to the continual dismay and annoyance of his nagging wife.
Fantasy (3 books)
These are small paper covered books which contain one story each about Noddy, Big-Ears and other Toyland characters.
Fantasy (4 books)
The book here is a one-off large soft covered book, with plenty of pictures and a simple story, aimed at Noddy's younger readers.
Fantasy (1 books)
These books about Noddy and his Toyland friends are largely picture books, with simple stories aimed at very young children.
Fantasy (13 books)
Here are characters who only merited the one book about them. They include Billy-Bob, Betsy-May and the Three Golliwogs from Sunny Stories and Little Rubbalong.
Family (17 books)
Pip the Pixie, often accompanied by his friend Jinky, appeared in numerous nature tales in the Sunday Graphic and 60 of these have been collected in these two books.
Nature/Fantasy (2 books)
Rumble is a wooden engine with one red truck and Mr. Chuff is a pixie-man who is the driver. They appeared originally on Enid's monthly children's page in Wife and Home.
Fantasy (2 books)
This book has the 5 short stories about the Secret Seven, which appeared in Enid Blyton's Magazine Annuals and a Weeties strip book, as well as Secret of the Old Mill.
Mystery/Adventure (1 books)
Mystery/Adventure (6 books)
Mystery/Adventure (6 books)
Tinker is a mischievous kitten who features in three books of photos of various kittens and puppies. The photos are accompanied by a simple text suitable for young children.
Animal (3 books)
These are similar in format to the picture story books, with the story being told under each strip. However, all come in the small rectangular format known as a 'strip book'.
These are four specially written strip books about Bom, the little drummer boy and his constant companion Wuffy Dog.
Fantasy (4 books)
Click is a clockwork clown, who like Noddy was carved out of wood. He is a bit of a square peg in a round hole until he finds his niche in a circus. A series of 8 strip books.
Fantasy (8 books)
Mr. Gobo lives in a little spinning house. He is half goblin and half brownie and is nearly always smiling. His picture strip adventures were taken from the Evening Standard.
Fantasy (2 books)
Another threesome, but this time a doll, a golly and a mouse, who set up house together in the garden of Mary Quite Contrary. Originally a picture strip in the Evening Standard.
Fantasy (4 books)
Mary Mouse has a passion for cleaning and looks after the Doll Family and their three children, Melia, Pip and Roundy. This is easily the biggest series of strip books.
Fantasy (23 books)
Mr. Tumpy owns a caravan that walks on its own bare feet. He, his friend, Spells and his dog, Bits have some picture strip adventures that came from the Evening Standard.
Fantasy (3 books)
These are traditionally shaped strip books each containing one or two stories about Noddy and his friends, most of which were originally serialised in the Evening Standard.
Fantasy (15 books)
These are six vertical strip books in full colour, about Noddy and his friends that were originally on the front page of the TV Comic in the late 1950s.
Fantasy (6 books)