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Malcolm Saville - Lone Pine Club, etc.

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Re: Malcolm Saville - Lone Pine Club, etc.

Postby Chrissie777 » 29 Aug 2017, 23:15

John Pickup wrote:I had a letter from Malcolm Saville but sadly, I can't find it, I think my mother had it and it was lost.
I first read Treasure At The Mill in the early 60s, I still have the Armada paperback. I'm sure I saw the film version but I can't remember a thing about it!

John, if you watched other CFF movies from the 1940's and 1950's, it's certainly among the very best together with FOATI, "The Secret Tunnel" (1947) , "The Carringford School Mystery" and "Five Clues to Fortune" (which was filmed at Woburn Abbey).

That's really too bad about the Saville letter.
I still have a postcard from Astrid Lindgren on which she wrote to me where the old Kalle Blomkvist movies were filmed in Sweden. And a letter from gothic novels author Victoria Holt from the early 1980's.

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Re: Malcolm Saville - Lone Pine Club, etc.

Postby Anita Bensoussane » 30 Aug 2017, 09:46

Chrissie777 wrote:Anita, what I like about Saville's book [Treasure at the Mill] (other than the really good plot) are the illustrations throughout the book and in the front before chapter 1 where you can see all details of the mill interior.

I'm afraid I don't remember whether my paperback copy has those illustrations, Chrissie. I'll take note next time I read the book. It's on the back row of a double row of books and the bookcase has boxes and a table right in front of it, so it's not easily accessible!

Thanks for the details of the CFF films. I'd like to watch them one of these days.

When people talk of Treasure at the Mill and Trouble at Townsend it makes me think of the English expression "Trouble at' mill" (generally said in a Northern accent), which people sometimes say when a problem has sprung up.
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