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The Wishing-Chair

When Peter and Mollie wander into an antique shop to buy a present for their mother's birthday, little do they know how enthralling life is about to become. Quite by accident, they acquire a wishing-chair which sprouts wings and flies them wherever they want to go.


Over the course of the books they travel to all kinds of weird and wonderful places — the Land of Dreams, the Village of Slipperies, Mister Grim's School for Bad Brownies, the Land of Goodies and many others, meeting characters like the Grabbit Gnomes, Witch Kirri-Kirri, the Snoogle, Mr. Spells and Winks the brownie. Enid Blyton used some of the same lands in her Faraway Tree series.

While visiting a giant's castle, Peter and Mollie rescue a pixie named Chinky. Wishing-ChairHe comes to live in the playroom at the bottom of the children's garden, where they keep the wishing-chair, and he is able to alert them whenever the chair grows its wings and is ready to whisk them off on yet another fantastic adventure.

The original books were illustrated by Hilda McGavin. An "Enchanted Lands" BBC TV cartoon series was made in the 1990s, based on the Wishing-Chair and Faraway Tree series. In 2009, Egmont published a set of six "New Adventures of the Wishing-Chair" books written by Narinder Dhami, featuring children called Jack and Jessica.

Wishing-Chair Books, Stories and Games


There are 2 original Wishing-Chair books by Enid Blyton written in 1937 and 1950, plus a third book compiled later which was made up of removed chapters together with material from Sunny Stories and Enid Blyton's Omnibus!
First Published in 1937 by George Newnes
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First Published in 1950 by George Newnes
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First Published in 2000 by Mammoth
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Non-Series Books

1952 saw the publication of Enid Blyton's Omnibus!, a special book that contained five stories featuring popular characters including the Wishing-Chair...

First Published in 1952 by George Newnes
Book 16 of 24 in this category
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Games and Puzzles...

Over the years there have been a vast number of board games, jigsaw puzzles and card games based on Enid Blyton characters...

BeStime Numbered Jigsaws

First Published in 1951 by BeStime
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