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Winter 2016
88 Pages

Cover illustration:
The cover illustration by Jean D. Howe is taken from Collins Children's Annual, published by William Collins in August 1959. The story it is taken from can be seen on page 57.

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This Journal's Contents...

  • Editorial (3)
  • Six O'Clock Tales by John Lester (4)
  • Collecting Enid Blyton by Don Townshend (10)
  • Uncollected Stories from Enid Blyton's Magazine No. 1: Sitting On an Adventure (14)
  • Enid Blyton's Sundial Shines Again by Kari Dorme (22)
  • From My Window No. 21: In a Bookshop by Enid Blyton (24)
  • Eileen Soper Illustrations from the Pennant Readers No. 20: What a Silly Thing to Do! (25)
  • The Making of Cloud 9's The Enid Blyton Adventure Series Part 1: by Nick Hopkins (26)
  • My Favourite Find-Outers Book by Julie Heginbotham (33)
  • Just What Kind of Parrot was Kiki? by Courtenay Rule (38)
  • Noddy Drives North by Enid Blyton (41)
  • The Enid Blyton Handkerchief Book (44)
  • The Happy House Trilogy Part 2: by Anita Bensoussane (46)
  • The Best Christmas Tree of All by Enid Blyton (57)
  • Adventure of the Strange Ruby Part 2: by Robert Houghton (62)
  • A Letter from the Secret Seven (69)
  • The Christmas Book by Angela Canning (70)
  • Enid Blyton Stories from the Roaring 20s No. 17: Mr Wumble Loses His Handkie (82)
  • Famous Five Adult Books (88)