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The Druid of Royal Oak

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The Druid of Royal Oak

Postby KEVP » 22 Apr 2017, 15:33

My brother has just published his first children's book. He isn't directly inspired by Enid Blyton, but I think some of the writers who inspired him were in their turn inspired by Enid, so there is a sort of indirect Enid influence.

The book is called "The Druid of Royal Oak" and is set in Royal Oak, Michigan, a suburb of Detroit.

I think his intention is to have it be the first of a series. A group of kids who investigate mysteries.

Anyway, you can get the kindle version here:

or order a "hardcopy" version here:
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Re: The Druid of Royal Oak

Postby Daisy » 22 Apr 2017, 15:58

That looks interesting KEVP. I hope it does well.
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