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The Wild West Kids - 1947

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The Wild West Kids - 1947

Postby pete9012S » 01 May 2016, 13:37


Enid Blyton's Treasury
The Wild West Kids
Illustrations: Geoffrey Higham
Story: Specially Written ... s+Treasury

I enjoyed this short story about a couple of children who almost join the circus due to their unique talents.
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Re: The Wild West Kids - 1947

Postby Anita Bensoussane » 01 May 2016, 15:53

A great wish-fulfillment story, which I only encountered as an adult. I love the exchange between Peter and his headmaster at the end!
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Re: The Wild West Kids - 1947

Postby Rob Houghton » 02 May 2016, 00:24

I think that story is perhaps the only one I haven't read in EB's Treasury! I'll have to put that right! I think it was because I read all the shorter stories first, intending to read the longer ones afterwards. I read the 'Caravan Holiday' one quite recently but haven't got round to reading The Wild West Kids yet.

I really love the illustrations in 'EB's Treasury' - particularly the colour plates by the various artists. It's a lovely book. :-)
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Re: The Wild West Kids - 1947

Postby Julie2owlsdene » 02 May 2016, 08:00

I love this book and the stories inside it. I would have been over the moon to receive this book as a child but I wasn't introduced to this book until I joined the society.

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