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Postby Rachyb » 31 Dec 2004, 10:38

I am a new user to the webite having just come across the Society. I have sent off an email to receive the journals and am hoping to start collecting Enid Blyton books for my neice, having loved and enjoyd them myself as a child etc.
Love the website, it would be great if there was a forum for people to have a general chat and get to know each other (or maybe i have missed it)
:) Rachyb
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Postby Matthew Roberts » 31 Dec 2004, 15:57

Great idea, Rachyb. I will add a forum for general chatter and off-topic-ness.

As for your e-mail, I'm afraid we had a problem with the contact form and didn't receive it properly. The form has been fixed, so if you could re-send your message, we would be grateful.
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Postby Neasa » 01 Jan 2005, 16:13

Hi Rachyb!
Matt has added a new forum which you mentioned its called the Off Topic forum! :D
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Postby Viking Star » 24 Apr 2006, 22:06

This is a fantastic website. :D It's like being in a sweetshop picking up all the bits of information people share. Tx! :D :D :D
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Postby SteveM62 » 29 Jul 2006, 01:08

This is a fantastic website! It doesn't make the waiting for the Journals seem so long now. I love the weekly serial and the Enid Blyton monthly section.
How about conducting a poll to find out the ultimate top 10 (or 20,30...) Enid Blyton books?
Or inviting some of the members to write a review of some of the books featured in the database?
Keep up the good work.
Very impressed. Thank you.
Steve Markham
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Postby Moonraker » 29 Jul 2006, 18:01

Yes it is a fantastic website!

Have you checked out where you will find loads of reviews, some written by people not a million miles away! :wink:
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Postby Lucky Star » 29 Jul 2006, 18:07

Follow the "Book Listing" link from the home page of this website and there are a lot of reviews also. A members top 20 is a great idea, how can we organise it?
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Postby Tony Summerfield » 29 Jul 2006, 18:15

And soon we will have a review of Hollow Tree House, when the current Journal has run its course Nigel!! I have now only got the Noddy books to add to the Book Listing, which will take it over a thousand books, but I agree with Steve that we could do with a few more reviews.

It has taken me many hours adding all the short stories and poems with their original source, but Keith's search facility is magnificent - you only have to remember one word from a book or short story and it should be possible to find it.

Once we have got the structure in place I will probably take the book listing forward - at present I have only gone to 1968, but it won't be difficult to go forwards from there at some stage.

I just hope that it gets good use to make all the work worthwhile.

Best wishes
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Enid Blyton in April

Postby Lenoir » 11 Apr 2007, 06:25

I like the “Monthly Enid Blyton” feature. The poem and the extract from a book. And with the first rains of the season falling here, the poem chosen is apt.
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Re: Website

Postby Moonraker » 16 Jan 2012, 17:04

Julie@Owlsdene wrote:It would be nice to be able to see and read some of the back Journals, that we can't buy from the Society,

I seem to remember that the early editions of the Journal were to be put up in the member's section of the website. I am sure I read somewhere (only I can't find where) that Tony had compiled them and they would soon be up for us all to see. I rather think that Keith is the one to do the IT bit, so maybe he has it in hand. I may have dreamt this, of course, but I don't think so. It would be a fantastic feature to be able to read these early editions, which are now out of print. I hope that if this has been forgotten, a gentle nudge may be all that is required! :wink:
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