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May 2012 Non-Posters

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Re: May 2012 Non-Posters

Postby Moonraker » 06 Sep 2012, 12:36

I think that's the point. You don't need to register to browse!
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Re: May 2012 Non-Posters

Postby MJE » 06 Sep 2012, 12:37

Moonraker wrote:As all the posts can be read on these (EBS) forums without registering, it does seem strange that people register and never post. Why register if you don't intend to post? :?

     It could be they thought you needed to register even to read posts. This is actually the case on some forums.
     I, too, have joined forums or mailing lists, probably intending to post, but for various reasons never have done so - nor cancelled my membership, because I might still be interested in reading, if not posting - and I wouldn't want to rule out the possibility of posting. I think this sort of thing happens all the time.

Regards, Michael.
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Re: May 2012 Non-Posters

Postby Poppy » 15 Sep 2012, 18:19

Moonraker wrote:I think that's the point. You don't need to register to browse!

Oh yes...!
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Re: May 2012 Non-Posters

Postby mouse88 » 17 Nov 2012, 23:29

You don't know if there are 'hidden' members-only areas until you've registered.

You may register meaning to post, get cold feet and cancel your post.

You may register to get that feeling of belonging to a forum, although being one of the planet's quiet people, rarely if ever post.

(My first post :) )
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Re: May 2012 Non-Posters

Postby Francis » 17 Nov 2012, 23:43

Welcome to posting, Mouse - it's all very friendly here! It took me a long time to
really start posting - now I can hardly stop!
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