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The Famous Five Book of Adventure
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First edition: 2017
Publisher: Hodder Children's Books
Cover Art: Eileen Soper
Illustrator: Eric Parker and Eileen Soper
Category: Miscellaneous Famous Five (by various authors)
Genre: Mystery/Adventure
Type: Books with Mixed Contents

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This book was published for the Mail on Sunday

Author: Enid Blyton and others
Release Date: August 20th 2017
Paperback: 90 pages
ISBN-10: 1444942286
ISBN-13: 9781444942286

Five Have a Puzzling Time
Five and a Half-Term Adventure

Pack Your Bags for Adventure
First Aid Kit
Food Supplies
Care for the Countryside
How to Read a Compass
Camp Set-up and Layout
Meals Miles from Anywhere
Reach the Heights