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Noddy's New Job (STO 731)
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First edition: 1970
Publisher: Trutone
Cover Art: Sheila Hodgetts
Illustrator: Uncredited
Category: Trutone Noddy Record
Genre: Fantasy
Type: Records

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Told by Kathleen Davydd
Noddy (Played by Pat Kerr)
Big Ears (Played by Gabriel Bayman)
Mr. Plod (Played by Billy Matthews)
other characters played by Erica Rodgers, Adrian Egan and Richard Spence

Scripts by Kathleen Davydd
Music by Art Heatlie
Noddy song sung by Julie Blundell
Produced by Kathleen Davydd

Side 1:
Noddy's New Job (Part 1)

Side 2::
Noddy's New Job (Part 2)