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Upper Fourth at Malory Towers
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First edition: 1949
Publisher: Methuen
Illustrator: Stanley Lloyd
Category: Malory Towers
Genre: School
Type: Novels/Novelettes

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Review by Jo Chambers
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Wraparound dustwrapper from the 1st edition, illustrated by Stanley Lloyd

Wraparound dustwrapper from the 1957 reprint, illustrated by Lilian Buchanan
Brief Summary by Julie Heginbotham: Darrell's young sister, Felicity, is in the first form this term, and Darrell is looking forward very much to showing off her beloved Malory Towers to her young sister, but Felicity befriends June, a person who Darrell isn't very keen on. But that doesn't take away the excitement Darrell has when she learns she is made head girl of the Upper Fourth. But being head girl isn't quite as exciting as Darrell hoped it would be, and soon begins to lose her temper.

Full Review (This may contain spoilers):

Jo Chambers' Review
Bypassing the hitherto unmentioned Lower Fourth without managing to age more than a year, Darrell and co return for the School Cert year. Jean McDonald has moved up to the fifth and Darrell is pleased to find herself head of the form. Her good intentions come slowly unravelled though as she finds herself increasingly in conflict with Alicia and Betty who are determined to needle her.

This year they are joined by two new girls — the Batten twins. However, the twins look unidentical and the girls quickly learn that they have very different personalities too. Ruth, although more intelligent, is overshadowed by her bigger and more assertive sister Connie and the girls despair of ever getting her to speak for herself.

The third new girl is Clarissa Carter. Clarissa arrives to school late, allowing Gwendoline Lacey to twig to the fact that she is an 'Honourable'. Ever the snob, Gwen instantly decides to befriend Clarissa. She arranges to sit and sleep next to her; however, Gwen is surprised when Clarissa proves to be an undersized and plain girl who is painfully shy.

In this book we are introduced to Darrell's sister Felicity, also joining the school two terms after her classmates due to an unspecified illness. Felicity is quickly befriended by another new girl — the brazen and obnoxious June, cousin of Alicia. Although she disapproves of the friendship, Darrell is powerless to stop it. Events take a more unpleasant turn when June and Felicity gatecrash a midnight party which the Upper Fourth hold in the first form common room.

When Darrell learns that June is going to 'sneak' about their presence at the feast, she goes to confront her and ends up losing her temper and physically assaulting the first former. Miss Potts witnesses the attack and Darrell is demoted as head girl. Furious, Felicity ends her friendship with June. These illustrations are hidden by default to ensure faster browsing. Loading the illustrations is recommended for high-speed internet users only.