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The Famous Five and the Secret of the Caves
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First edition: 1984
Publisher: Knight Books
Cover Art: Doug Post
Illustrator: Bob Harvey
Category: Famous Five Sequels
Genre: Mystery/Adventure
Type: Continuation Books

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Originally published in 1976 by Librairie Hachette as Les Cinq dans la Cité Secrète
Author: Claude Voilier
Translated by Anthea Bell
ISBN-10: 0340353368
ISBN-13: 978-0340353363

Brief Summary: On holiday in Wales, the Five are fascinated by a local tale about the Dark Folk who once lived in the hidden valley of Mount Graig. Curious to discover if there is any truth behind the legend, the Five decide to investigate. But it's not long before they realise that they are not alone in their search for the lost valley and its ancient treasure . . .