The Enid Blyton Society

Blyton Periodicals

All contributions to periodicals in this section are credited to Enid Blyton unless otherwise stated. Anything that was uncredited, written under a pseudonym or credited with just initials will be clearly marked. If a title was changed when the item was used in a book, that will be listed immediately after the periodical title in square brackets in the respective colour. Occasionally a story or poem was used in two early books and if this is the case both will be listed. If no book title is mentioned under the first line of a story or the first two lines of a poem, it can be assumed that they are uncollected. Characters that occur a number of times in a periodical will be listed as 'uncollected' if that is the case. In picture strips, if a number of consecutive issues are uncollected this will be listed just once under the first issue.