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Posted by Paul Austin on September 24, 2017
Jamie: The BBC in Enid's day was quite snobby and elitist, thinking it was bringing high culture and the classics to the unwashed masses. It's sort of like how Sir Humphrey in Yes Minister looked down on Jim Hacker because Hacker "only" had an education at the LSE while Sir Humphrey had a degree in Classics from Oxford.
Posted by Courtney on September 23, 2017
Hi! I'm currently writing a doctoral thesis on Enid Blyton and the Enid Blyton Magazine clubs in particular. I'm wondering if anyone was a member of the Famous Five Club and can let me know what the 'initiation'/welcome materials consisted of? I know you'd send away for a badge and membership card, but were there any further details provided about how to go about being part of the club? Thank you!
BarneyBarney says: I hope you get some responses, Courtney. Good luck with your thesis!
Posted by Ken Sayner on September 21, 2017
During our Heritage Weekend we displayed some Enid Blyton New Testament pictures, in a box of 30 or 36, published by Macmillan and co. ltd. Where can I find information about them please?
BarneyBarney says: Enid Blyton's New Testament Bible Plates were produced in the 1950s to accompany her retellings of New Testament Bible Stories. Teachers would put up the relevant poster ("plate") in the classroom so children could look at it while listening to/reading the corresponding story, or while answering questions about it. The illustrator was Elsie Walker. There was also a set of plates for Enid Blyton's Old Testament Bible Stories, produced in the 1940s and illustrated by John Turner. I believe there were 30 plates in each set. The New Testament Plates came out in book form in 1957, published in two volumes, and the Old Testament Plates came out in book form in 1960, also published in two volumes.
Posted by Jamie Davies on September 20, 2017
Enid Blyton died in 1968 which is almost 50 years ago. It will be 50 years in 2018. Could something be organized in Beaconsfield in 2018 to remember Enid? I think the BBC should say a big sorry for banning Enid Blyton for most of her life. Today we lack so much of Enid in film and radio recordings because of the very bad BBC ban.The BBC Director General should say sorry to everyone because today we all collectively lose out as there are very few TV and radio recordings of Enid.
BarneyBarney says: Blyton-themed events have sometimes been held at Beaconsfield but I don't know whether anything is being planned for next year. We can't blame today's BBC Director General for decisions that were made during Enid Blyton's lifetime! At least the material that is available has now been collected together in the BBC Archives.
Posted by Rob Houghton on September 18, 2017
Hi Jenni - many thanks for your kind words regards my Barney serial! Hope you continue to enjoy it! :-)

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