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Welcome to the website of the Enid Blyton Society. Formed in early 1995, the aim of the Society is to provide a focal point for collectors and enthusiasts of Enid Blyton through its magazine The Enid Blyton Society Journal, issued three times a year, its annual Enid Blyton Day, an event which attracts in excess of a hundred members, and its website. Most of the website is available to all, but Society Members have exclusive access to secret parts as well! Join the Society today and start receiving your copy of the Journal three times a year. Don't forget also that we have an Online Shop where you'll find back issues of the Journal as well as rare Enid Blyton biographies, guides and more.

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Posted by Chloč on October 23, 2017
Hello Enid Blyton, I'm Chloč Jungers, a fifth-grade girl, and I love your Famous Five books. I also like adventures and nature. I do not have a favourite colour and my favourite sport is swimming. I'm sending you this email to find out a bit more about a good author. Do you have tips on writing? Do you come up with the title first, or the story? Why do you write? What is your nationality? Thank you for your books. Greetings, Chloč. P.S. I am ten years old. (Hallo Enid Blyton, Ik Ben Chloč Jungers, een meisje van het 5de leerjaar en ik hou van youw boeken De Vijf.Ik hou ook van adventuren en natuur.Ik heb geen lievelings kleur en mijn lievelings sport is zwemmen.Ik stuur je deze mailt om een beetje meer over een goede shrijver te weten.Heb jij tips om te schrijven? Vind jij eerst de titel of eerst het verhaal? Waarom schrijf je? Wat is youw nationaliteit? Dank u voor uw boeken, groetjes, Chloč. PS: Ik ben 10 jaar.)
BarneyBarney says: I worked magic with my paws to translate your message into English, Chloč! I hope you'll be able to translate my reply if you need to - as well as the information in this link, which will tell you a lot about the way Enid Blyton wrote. Like you, Enid Blyton loved swimming. She used to swim round both piers at Swanage when she went there on holiday (nowadays, Swanage only has one pier).
Posted by Caroline Siegel on October 22, 2017
Hi. I still have Enid Blyton's Bedtime Annual 1981 which I would now like to give to my granddaughter. Unfortunately one page is missing. It is page 9/10 (Mr Stamp-About). Is it possible to copy and email this page to me? Thank you kindly, Caroline Siegel.
BarneyBarney says: I've just had a look at the annual with the aim of helping you, Caroline, but I'm wondering whether you do have a page missing after all. The Mr Stamp-About story finishes on page 8 (the last few paragraphs are at the top of the right-hand column) and there's a poem on page 9 - 'I Am the Night'. A Brer Rabbit story begins on page 10.
Posted by Mary on October 22, 2017
I have another question, about the Secret Seven. Didn’t they make a sequel, and if so do they still make them?
BarneyBarney says: Twelve Secret Seven sequels by Evelyne Lallemand were published in French in the 1970s-80s, nine of which were translated into English and published as Knight paperbacks between 1983 and 1987. They're out of print but may still be available second-hand. New sequels by Pamela Butchart are due to be published from July 2018, the first being The Mystery of the Skull. We also have a couple of Secret Seven sequels in our Secret Passage, written by Ilsa Cheeseman and Julie Heginbotham, along with continuation books for other Blyton series. They are available to Society members/Journal subscribers.
Posted by Mary on October 20, 2017
I have a question about one of the books. In The Famous Five's Survival Guide I tried to look for the answer for finding out the location of the Royal Dragon on the website but I couldn't find it. Can you tell me the steps in order to find out my answer, please and thank you?
BarneyBarney says: I'm afraid it's a long time since I read that book and I'd have to do a great deal of digging with my paws to unearth it at the moment! Maybe someone will reply after reading your message.
Posted by Pete9012s on October 16, 2017
Dear Marie, Five Go Off in a Caravan audio can be downloaded to keep as an audiobook on Amazon. Regards, Pete
BarneyBarney says: Thanks very much, Pete!

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